Healing with family 

I know that if I don’t start writing about this summer roadtrip now, I might never. My first day was a dramatic change and it felt very representative. Ohio was 43 degrees and rainy, but I found sunny skies and high 70’s in Hillsborough, NC where I stopped for the night. My enlightened, beautiful cousin Elisha and her incredible, funny husband Steven along with their kids opened their home to me for the night and it started my trip off wonderfully with family, laughter and some very groovy vibes. 

Having a cousin who is a practicing medium and Reiki practitioner has serious perks. We have the most interesting, esoteric conversations that provide healing from the past for each of us while also allowing us to be more intentional with our future. We stayed up later than we planned drinking beers, sharing vitamins and just talking. The next day I set the tone for my morning routine maintaining a priority even as I travel by practicing my 12 sun salutations and morning meditation followed by a walk around their beautiful neighborhood with Lish  before we drove to downtown Carrboro. We started with some Kratom tea that is a tree native to SE Asia and is an herbal drug used medicinally as a pain killer and recreationally as a stimulant. It was just a nice overall feeling. And I had never heard of it before! We shopped at the super cute, unique shops in Carrboro and ate at the Spotted Dog Restaurant and Bar that is pet friendly with “veggie-centric” fare. They have a vegan ranch that is creamy and delicious and the soup of the day, corn chowder, was great! 

Healing is a key theme to this roadtrip and Lish started me off right with a Reiki session to address the residual emotional pain in my physical body and realign my energy. YAS QUEEN. Her office is calming with Native American and Eastern art everywhere and books that I coudln’t wait to ask to borrow. Don’t worry Lish, I’ll get Defy Gravity by Caroline Myss back to you soon haha I was happy I got up early to give the boys  and Steven a hug in the morning before they left for work and school because I had to get my booty moving to Charleston, SC before they got home. Feeling all the warm, fuzzies I hit the road for my first beach wedding of my terribly deserving and fun friend Lori!

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