California Zephyr

Cross country travel by train— Not for the light of heart, but worth the crummy night’s sleep My first time taking a train in the United States and I boarded it from San Fransisco and took it all the way to Chicago— the entire length of Amtrak's California Zephyr route! While the station was what …

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Adult (200 hour completed 2015): $20/private $15/per yogi for class/group of 5 or more All ages! Child: $20/private $10/child yogi and $15/2 for class/group of 5 or more Private or parties! Minimum 5 child yogis Ages 4- 17    

My Fruits and Nuts

Running the risk of sounding like such an Ohioan where we are a rather homogeneous bunch— California was surprising because there are so many different types of people; the real hippies who sometimes appear to border homeless, the actual homeless, the reality stars and wannabe reality stars, techies, registered and unregistered migrant workers, the endless …

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